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Board Charter

The Governing Board manages the affairs of DCMI and performs the duties usually performed by the board of directors of a corporation. These duties include providing direction for the general management of the Initiative, oversight of the DCMI Directorate, stewardship of DCMI's finances, approval of DCMI bylaws, and a broad remit to shape the strategic direction of DCMI and formulate DCMI policies in consultation with the Advisory and Technical Boards. The Governing Board also contributes to the promotion of the Initiative through liaisons with the public and private sectors. In addition to chairing the Governing Board, the Chair serves as chair of the Executive Committee and presides over the DCMI.

The Chair of the Governing Board presides over DCMI as overall Director and chairs the Initiative's Executive Committee.

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DCMI logo Officers of the Board

Portrait: Paul Walk

Paul Walk, Chair, Governing Board & Executive Committee

Head of Technology Strategy & Planning
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Independent Member

Paul Walk's career in higher education began in the early 1990s at the University of North London where he began developing with library and Web technologies. He developed a range of institutional systems, building bespoke web applications as well as partnering with major commercial suppliers to develop their products in a higher education context. Paul went on to manage enterprise-wide software development projects and developed an abiding interest in the practice and management of software development. Paul is Chair-Elect of the DCMI Governing Board.

A change in direction in 2006 saw Paul join UKOLN at the University of Bath where, for seven years, he served the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) and then its successor, Jisc, as a strategic technical advisor, with a focus in the areas of information standards development, resource discovery and digital infrastructure.

In 2013, Paul joined EDINA, University of Edinburgh, as Head of Technology Strategy and Planning, an exciting new role which has placed him back into a service development and delivery environment—albeit one operating at a national as well as an institutional scale.

Portrait: Ana Alice Baptista

Ana Alice Baptista, Chair-Elect, DCMI Governing Board (2016), Co-Chair, Education & Outreach Committee, and Member, Advisory Board Steering Committee

Professor, Information Systems Department
University of Minho
Guimarães, Portugal

Ana Alice Baptista is a professor at the Information Systems Department and a researcher at ALGORITMI Center, both at University of Minho, Portugal. She graduated in computer engineering and has a PhD on Information Systems and Technologies. Ana has been working in metadata and semantic Web technologies since 2000. In this topic she developed and defended her doctoral thesis and participated in several European and national R&D projects. She is Chair-Elect (2016) of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) Governing Board, a member of the DCMI Advisory Board Steering Committee, and she co-chairs the DCMI Education & Outreach Committee (DC-EOC). She authored and co-authored several research articles, participated in several R&D projects and was an evaluator of project proposals under FP7. Her main areas of interest include Metadata, Linked Data and the Open Movement both under their technological and social perspectives.

Ana's Website

Portrait: Joseph T. Tennis

Joseph T. Tennis, Immediate Past Chair, Governing Board & Executive Committee

Associate Professor & Director of Faculty Affairs,
Information School of the University of Washington
Seattle, USA
Representing Institutional Member: University of Washington Information School

Joseph T. Tennis is an Associate Professor at the Information School of the University of Washington, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Linguistics, a member of the Textual Studies faculty at UW, and an Associate Member of the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Study at The University of British Columbia. He is President [2014-2018] of the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO) and has been an occasional visiting scholar at the State University of São Paulo since 2009. He is also a member of the Dublin Core Usage Board and Chair of the Governing Board.

Dr. Tennis is Reviews Editor for Knowledge Organization, Managing Editor for Advances in Classification Research Online, and on the editorial board for Library Quarterly and Scire: Representación y organización del conocimiento. He has been active in the InterPARES research project (working on digital records preservation) since 2005, and currently serves as an advisor and researcher on metadata issues.

Dr. Tennis holds a B.A. in Religious Studies. He received his M.L.S. from Indiana University, an Sp.L.I.S. in Book History, and the Ph.D. in Information Science from the University of Washington. He works in classification theory, the ethics and aesthetics of information organization, the versioning of classification schemes and thesauri, subject ontogeny and information provenance, and the comparative discursive analysis of metadata creation and evaluation, including archival metadata, both contemporary and historical. Dr. Tennis' research has been funded by IMLS, Microsoft, and SSHRC. He won the ALISE/Bodhan S. Wynar research paper award in 2012.

Website: http://ischool.uw.edu/people/faculty/jtennis

DCMI logo Members of the Board

Portrait: Flãvia Bastos

Flávia Bastos, Member, Governing Board

Coordinator of Libraries, General Coordination
Universidade Estadual Paulista—Unesp
Sáo Paulo, Brazil
Representing Institutional Member: Universidade Estadual Paulista

Flávia Bastos serves as Coordinator of Libraries, General Coordination at the São Paulo State University (Universidade Estadual Paulista—Unesp). She is also Executive Coordinator of the Institutional Repository of UNESP. She holds a doctoral degree in Information Science in the field of Information and Technology and is a researcher with the New Technology of Information Group researching themes such as Digital Libraries, Institutional Repositories, Automated Libraries, Integrated Library Systems and Discovery Systems. Unesp is one of the largest and most important Brazilian universities, with distinguished achievements in teaching, research and extension services. Unesp is supported by State funds and along with USP (Universidade de São Paulo) and Unicamp (Universidade Estadual de Campinas) offers free public higher education in São Paulo State. Unesp was founded in 1976 and is the most successful model of a multicampus university in Brazil supporting intense and diversified activities in Sao Paulo—the most developed State in Brazil. Unesp's influence is recognized through the level of regional development where its campuses are located—one in the State capital and 23 others strategically distributed throughout the State.

Portrait: Eric Childress

Eric Childress, Governing Board Member (Past Chair)

Consulting Project Manager, OCLC Research
Dublin, Ohio, USA
Independent Member

Eric Childress is a librarian with a strong interest in metadata standards and systems. Active in the Dublin Core beginning with the DC-3: CNI/OCLC Workshop on Metadata for Networked Images (1996), Eric served a turn as chair of the DC Date Working Group and worked on the first version of the Dublin Core Library Application Profile. He is Immediate Past Chair of the DCMI Governing Board, a member of the DCMI Advisory Board and the @dublincore Twitter editorial team.

In his day job, Eric provides project management support for OCLC Research projects and participates as a team member and subject matter expert on various OCLC research and product-related activities focused on metadata, controlled vocabularies, and classification. His work at OCLC has included providing technical expertise for OCLC's metadata crosswalk service, serving as a member of the FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) research team and participating in OCLC's linked data work.

Portrait: Wei (Keven) Liu

Wei Liu Governing Board Member Representative, Education & Outreach Committee Co-Chair

Deputy Director, Shanghai Library, China
Representing Institutional Member: Shanghai Library

Wei Liu (aka Keven) holds a doctoral degree in Computer Science from Fudan University (2006) and a master degree on Library and Information Science from East China Normal University (1990). He has been a member of DCMI Advisory Board since the DC-2003 conference in Seattle. He also served as host of the wonderful DC-2004 conference in Shanghai. He takes part in IFLA activities as a Standing Committee Member of LTR (Library Theory and Research section) and worked for IFLA ITS (Information Technology Section) for two terms. He has participated in most of the major national digital library projects and programs in China and is one of the pioneers in advocating metadata, ontology and semantic web (linked data) applications in China. He has authored several books and around 100 articles in the above related area.

Portrait: Dickson Lukose

Dickson Lukose, Member, Governing Board

Head of the Knowledge Technology Research and Development Cluster
MIMOS Berhad
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Representing Regional Member: MIMOS Berhad

Dickson Lukose (PhD) is the Head of the Knowledge Technology Research and Development Cluster at MIMOS BHD. Dr Lukose is also the director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory as well as the Centre of Excellence in Semantic Technologies. Before returning to Malaysia, Dr. Lukose spent many years working in financial services industry developing enterprise applications. He has done over 10 years of academic research in Artificial Intelligence, supported by research grants from Graphic Directions, Leverhulme Foundation, CSIRO, and Australian Research Council. Dr. Lukose has authored over 80 research papers and technical reports on the subject of artificial intelligence, knowledge acquisition and modeling for scientific journals and conference proceedings, chaired or co-chaired over 25 international conferences on these subjects, and edited a number of books in these areas.

His qualifications include B.Sc. (Hons) and PhD from Deakin University (Australia), and Post-Doctorate Research as a Leverhulme Fellow at Loughborough University of Technology (UK). He has carried out teaching and research in Artificial Intelligence at Deakin University (Australia), Loughborough University of Technology (UK), University of Calgary (Canada) and University of New England (Australia). He worked as a Senior Knowledge Engineer with Brightware Inc. (USA), and as Principal Knowledge Engineer with MindBox Inc.(USA). During his tenure with Brightware and Mindbox, he has worked with leading financial institutions in UK, USA and Korea.

Portrait: Alasdair MacDonald

Alasdair MacDonald, Member, Governing Board

Metadata Co-ordinator
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Representing Institutional Member: University of Edinburgh

Since January 2014, Alasdair MacDonald has been employed as Metadata Co-ordinator at Edinburgh University Library, with overall responsibility for managing the Metadata Services team. The work of the team is mainly focussed on the RDA and MARC21 standards, with greater automation in dealing with new acquisitions allowing for more cataloguer resources to be devoted to project work and making hidden collections available through the Library's discovery service. More recently, Metadata Services has undertaken pilot initiatives with other colleagues producing descriptive metadata, including the Archives and Digital Development teams. Alasdair's previous post was Head of Bibliographic Maintenance and Authority Control at the Bodleian Libraries and he has also worked at the National Library of Scotland. He is a member of the CILIP Cataloguing and Indexing Group Scotland committee and regularly presents at their events and seminars. He is particularly interested in author/person identification and how to implement this across different platforms, metadata standards and institutions.

Portrait: Judy Ng

Judy Ng, Member, Governing Board

Director, Resource Management and Discovery
National Library Board Singapore
Representing Regional Member: National Library Board Singapore

Judy Ng is currently the Director, Resource Management and Discovery at the National Library Board (NLB), Singapore. Her portfolio includes overseeing a team that looks at metadata management and standards, ontology, linked open data and knowledge organization systems.

Judy has been with the NLB for over 25 years. She had served in different leadership positions in the Library and had experience in managing Public Libraries as well as Reference Library.

Portrait: Sam Oh

Sam Oh, Member, Governing Board

Department of Library and Information Science, Sungkyunkwan University
Seoul, Korea
Representing Regional Member: National Library of Korea

Sam Gyun Oh is a professor at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul Korea and chairs the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34 (Document Description & Processing Languages) and ISO TC46/SC9 (Identification & Description) committees. He represents the National Library of Korea on the DCMI Oversight Committee.

He teaches courses such as database design, Web database design, designing XML and metadata schemas, ontology modeling, information architecture, and designing knowledge management systems. His main research interest is in the area of metadata and ontology modeling. He has extensive experience in consulting companies and government sectors regarding design of metadata and ontologies.

He received his Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology from Syracuse University, NY, USA in 1995 and worked for the Information School at the University of Washington for 4 years (1994-1998) prior to taking his current post.

Portrait: Kyong Eun Oh

Kyong Eun Oh, Member, Governing Board

Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College
Boston, USA
Representing Institutional Member: Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College

Dr. Kyong Eun Oh's research interests include information organization, personal information management, the influence of society and technology on information behavior, and information visualization. In her dissertation research, she explored the process of organizing personal information from a cognitive sociological perspective, and developed a model that explains the process. She has been involved in a number of funded research projects including those funded by National Science Foundation (NSF), Hewlett-Packard (HP) technology, Center for Executive Leadership in Government (CELG), and Korea Research Foundation (KRF). Dr. Oh received her Ph.D. from Rutgers University, School of Communication & Information and her M.A. in Library & Information Science from Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.

Portrait: Stefanie Ruhle

Stefanie Rühle, Member, Governing Board

Göttingen State and University Library (SUB Göttingen)
Representing Institutional Member: SUB Göttingen

Stefanie Rühle, works at the Data Conversion Group of the State and University Library in Göttingen and is responsible for metadata supply to zvdd (Zentrales Verzeichnis Digitlisierter Drucke) and the German Digital Library (DDB). She works primarily on the analysis, conversion and modeling of cultural heritage metadata with a particular focus on Linked Data. Stefanie is co-chair of the DINI AG KIM (Competence Center for Interoperable Metadata) and has been involved in DCMI work since 2008.

Portrait: Shigeo Sugimoto

Shigeo Sugimoto, Member, Governing Board

Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies,
University of Tsukuba

Tsukuba, Japan
Independent Member

Shigeo Sugimoto has been actively involved in DCMI Metadata activities since 1997. Dr. Sugimoto currently is co-chair of the DCMI Localization and Internationalization Community. He also co-chaired the program committee of the International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications 2001 (DC-2001) held in Tokyo, Japan, in October 2001.

Dr. Sugimoto chaired the program committees of the International Symposium on Digital Libraries 1995, 1997 and 1999, which were sponsored and held at ULIS. He has been involved in major international conferences on digital libraries in Asia, Europe, and North America as an organizer and program committee member.

Dr. Sugimoto earned a Ph.D. in Information Science (software engineering and programming languages) from Kyoto University in 1985.

Portrait: Osma Suominen

Osma Suominen, Member, Governing Board

Information System Specialist
The National Library of Finland
Helsinki, Finland
Representing Regional Member: National Library of Finland

Osma Suominen is working as an Information Systems Specialist at the National Library of Finland. His current activities are centered around the publishing of bibliographic data, including the Finnish national bibliography Fennica, as Linked Data. He is also one of the creators of the Finto.fi thesaurus and ontology service and is leading development of the Skosmos vocabulary browser used in Finto. Osma Suominen earned his doctoral degree at Aalto University while doing research on semantic portals and quality of controlled vocabularies within the FinnONTO series of projects. His past accomplishments include the Skosify vocabulary analysis and quality improvement tool, and data.aalto.fi, the Linked Data service of Aalto University.

Portrait: Klaus Tochtermann

Klaus Tochtermann, Member, Governing Bord

Director, ZBW – German National Library of Economics
Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, Kiel, Germany
Representing Institutional Member: German National Library of Economics

Klaus Tochtermann currently serves as Director of the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics and University Professor for Digital Information Infrastructures at the University of Kiel. He graduated from the Kieler Gelehrtenschule in 1983 and studied computer science at Kiel University and Dortmund University. At Dortmund, he received his doctorate in computer science.

Klaus has served as Head of Department at the Research Institute for Applied Processing, Ulm University, and, from 2001 until 2010, as Managing Director of Austria's Competence Centre for Knowledge Management, Know-Centre Graz. From 2004-2010, Klaus served as University Professor in Computer Science at Graz University of Technology. Since 2010, he has served as Director of the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics and University Professor for Digital Information Infrastructures at the University of Kiel.

Past Board Members


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