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DCMI logo Post-2014 Deactivated Groups

Below is a list of groups that were deactivated either because their work was done, the issues were no longer being addressed, the group decided to change its focus, or at the request of the chairs/moderators. In any case, these deactivated groups remain part of the historical record of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.

Starting in 2014, the process of deactivation of working groups vested in the groups constituting Board, standing committee, or Community.

Deactivated in 2014

DCMI logo Pre-2014 Deactivated Groups

Deactivated in 2013

Deactivated after the DC-2011 Conference and Workshop at The Hague (September 2011)

Deactivated after the DC-2010 Conference and Workshop in Pittsburgh (October 2010)

Deactivated after the DC-2009 Conference and Workshop in Seoul (October 2009)

Deactivated after the DC-2008 Conference and Workshop in Berlin (September 2008)

Deactivated after the DC-2007 Conference and Workshop in Singapore (August 2007)

Deactivated after the DC-2006 Conference and Workshop in Manzanillo (October 2006)

Deactivated after the DC-2005 Conference and Workshop in Madrid (September 2005)

Deactivated after the DC-2004 Workshop in Shanghai (September 2004)

Deactivated after the DC-2003 Workshop in Seattle (October 2003)

Deactivated after the DC-2002 workshop in Florence (October 2002)

Deactivated after the DC-2001 Workshop in Tokyo (October 2001)

Deactivated after the DC-8 Workshop (October 2000)

Deactivated after the DC-6 Workshop (November 1998)

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