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Translations of DCMI Documents

Members of the DCMI community have taken the time to translate DCMI documents. A list of these translations is maintained on this page. Please note that translations are the responsibility of the translator. DCMI does not guarantee the accuracy or persistence of the documents linked from this page.

DCMI Metadata Terms

Overview of Documentation for DCMI Metadata Terms

Domains and Ranges for DCMI Properties

Dublin Core Collection Description Application Profile Summary

Dublin Core Element Set: Reference Description, v. 1.1

DCMI Type Vocabulary

DCMI Abstract Model

Guidelines for Dublin Core Application Profiles

Interoperability Levels for Dublin Core Metadata

Singapore Framework for Dublin Core Application Profiles

Expressing Dublin Core metadata using the Resource Description Framework (RDF)

Expressing Dublin Core in HTML/XHTML meta and link elements

Library Application Profile

DCMI Policy on Naming Terms

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